Enable collectibles trading over blockchain represented as non-fungible tokens

Platform allowing buying and selling of collectible assets over blockchain supporting auctions, spot offers and drops

NFT Tokens

Represent assets as blockchain-based non-fungible tokens

Multiple transaction types

Support, buying, selling including spot offers and auctions


Enable crypto or optional FIAT transactions

Wallet support

Support all major wallets including metamask, ledger and Trezor

Video Formats

Supports multiple formats including video format with video sample streaming

Crypto tokens

Create your own listable utility or governance tokens

Get Your Whitelabel Access

We offer multi standard ERC 1155 token on ethereum that allows larger number of transfers at minimal fee with one smart contract.

Multi token standard support

  • Easy NFT minting
  • Secure & quick NFT trading
  • Unlimited NFT listing per user at low gas fee
  • Multiple Transaction Types

    Enable right transaction types which fits your needs for gamification and one the creates motivation economics for participants

    SEO friendly and user vanity

    Lets users take care of their vanity of your platform to share with the world

    Effortless NFT trading with our user centric features

    We endeavor to develop NFT trading systems that offer a pleasant trading experience to your users.

  • Multiple fiat and crypto payment combinations
  • Modify market limit, stop limit, trend limit and OCO Limit.
  • Customizations to win your market

    With our world-class blockchain and app developers, achieve upgrades and do disruptions you have planned. And we will support various partnerships you have envisioned like integrating custom blockchains.